Episode 20 | A Conversation With Joe Letsche Director of the Ross County Park District

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Joe Letsche, Director of the Ross County Park District. Andy and Joe discuss all the good things the Ross County Park District is doing in the county.

Episode Highlights:

  • Joe shares the story of how he became the Director of the Ross County Park District. (1:09)
  • Joe outlines the areas in which he is currently concentrating his efforts. (6:45)
  • Joe talks about the green program and how it saves money on upkeep. (9:34)
  • Joe explains how he envisions his ideal workday. (17:55)
  • Joe talks about some of the other projects he’s been working on. (19:53)
  • Joe discusses some of the county’s great biking paths. (23:17)
  • Joe shares his efforts in getting a bike path extension grant. (24:38)
  • Joe explains where he likes to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (26:03)
  • Joe talks about the book he’s currently reading, The Biological Basis of Morality. (26:46)
  • Joe shares why he likes to stay up late. (27:25)

Key Quotes:

  • “Any human endeavor can have an element of conservation.” – Joe Letsche
  • “I’m daring people to find something wrong, and when you do let us know.” – Joe Letsche
  • “When I was offered the job as Director, I refused it. I was like no way, I can’t sit in an office. But once I took it on, as an interim, just to try to help get us through a little rough spot there. I loved it.” – Joe Letsche

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