Customer Testimonials

“Most personalized and friendliest insurance company I have ever dealt with in my 60 years of life!! I feel confident and protected with this company.”

Peggy S.  customer since 2014

“Very professional and easy to work with. Also I like to deal locally.”

David S customer since  2003

“Andy is why am a customer and why I will stay a customer!”

Joseph R.

“Everyone is so great to work with every time I have a question or concern. I am very busy, so I need to make quick decisions and I can do this because I get very quick responses!”

Melody S

“You guys are very helpful you have taken great care of me and especially your agent Denise she has went out of her way to help me I don’t know what I would do without her you guys are A1 in my book thanks for everything”

Daren S., customer since 2016

“It’s great that you work with multiple companies to find the best rates for your clients. That flexibility, allowing for lower prices, makes it an easy decision to work with you!”

Matthew D., customer since 2016

“Provided great insurance coverage at a better price.”

Customer since 2007

“You care about giving the customer what they want at the best price!”

Vernon Y., customer since 2013

“Vickie is amazing! She had gotten me a car insurance policy 6 months ago, that was a bit pricey but that was to be expected because I was without coverage for a while. After the 6 months was up on that policy she was able to find me a new policy for half the price of the original one! She also helped me find a great renters policy, as I had a furnace fire scare a month ago. By having 2 policies, I received a great discount that made it affordable enough for me to pay for both policies, in full for the entire 12 months. Thank you to Vickie and the entire team you have working for you! It’s great to be able to trust you insurance agents”

Customer since 2009

“Vicky was such a pleasant person to work with. Thank you for saving us money like you did.”

Dodd W., customer since 1991

“Andy is why am a customer and why I will stay a customer!”

Joseph R., customer since 2004

“Serving Ross County for decades…..friendly and concerned for their clients.”

Edward B., customer since 2008

“Very nice, efficient staff.”

Jeff C., customer since 2007

“The customer service representative makes you feel comfortable and is very quickly to address your concerns and needs. We needed extra insurance. They made sure we got it within 1 to two days. Excellent service.”

Customer since 2004

“Professional employees with great customer service!”

Charlie N., customer since 2016

“Your staff is always very helpful !!!!!”

Customer since 1992

“Friendly people that call you by name at the door. Great value.”

Patrick W., customer since 2005

“I like the small town feel I get from you and the business. I know if I have an issue I can talk to you or even visit the office to get my issue resolved.”

Connie G., customer since 2011

“We were in need of liability insurance for our company and we received help right away. I appreciate the help we received from Tomlinson Insurance.”

Brian B., customer since 2015

“Always helpful and friendly”

Charles S., customer since 2011

“We own rental properties and Tomlinson insurance agency was able to lower our monthly insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars per month. We suggest you allow them to give you a quote! Rick and Kathy Schrader”

Rick S., customer since 2015

“Great customer service!”

Customer since 2012

“Always there.very easy to make changes”

Matthew G., customer since 2014

“Excellent service and follow through”

Anthony H., customer since 2013

“A very pleasant atmosphere when I go into your office. Everyone is cheerful and helpful.”

Customer since 2011

“I have been with you and your Agency for about 20 years. Everyone on your team is polite, professional and helpful. My years of commitment speaks for itself.”

Malridge P., customer since 1987

“We are always impressed with the personal service, usually immediate service, when we have insurance questions or needs.”

Customer since 2006

“Helpful & courteous when I call.”

Customer since 1999

“Always available to answer questions, and if you don’t know the answer when I call, who get back to me promptly.”

Customer since 1988

“Great service”

Roger O., customer since 1981

“When my previous insurance carrier mailed me information to tell me that my home owner’s insurance rates would be increasing by almost $100 annually without any increase in coverage, I decided it was time to shop around for a new insurance provider. I cannot express how pleased I was to find that Tomlinson Insurance was able to cut my home owner’s insurance by 40% while adding coverage I hadn’t previously had. I was so excited I had them additionally examine my car insurance policy and found I could pay just half of my previous premiums and still retain the same coverage. I’d always heard it pays to shop around for insurance, but I was still stunned at the savings. Tomlinson Insurance provides great customer service, and full coverage at a fraction of the price of national insurance companies.”

Carrie R., customer since 2013

“Quick response times to everything I have ever needed. Add a car, take a car off. Damage to my home, had money and repairs quick. Your staff is so helpful. They have helped me make decisions in any changes I needed. Trust and respect is what you give me.”

Alice W., customer since 1985

“Always available and eager to help.”

Paulette C., customer since 1992

“The friendliness of everyone from Andy and everyone else makes the experience a truly personal one, rather than trying to work through a website or by phone with people who treat you like a number.”

Marvin J., customer since 2006

“You have always responded to me asap when I have called. You have great customer service and a very friendly staff.”

Debbie S., customer since 2011

“Everyone there has alway been very helpful with my insurance questions and needs. Very quick to get information to m.”

Kimberly H., customer since 2012

“Always available to take a phone call, and very responsive.”

Customer since 2011

“getting to my garage fire at about the time the fire department got there has to be at the top of my list. Reviewing my needs for what is best for me —-and most of all being a really nice guy!”

Walter M., customer since 2010

“I appreciate how quickly I receive feedback for a claim or a question in regards to coverage. I always receive friendly service.”

Kevin S., customer since 2010

“You service your accounts and but a face with the business that has the account.”

Udy S., customer since 2009

“I have always found the staff to be very helpful and have been very happy with my rates. I am always pleased with the customer service and the willingness of the staff to go above and beyond my expectations. I like that the staff always answers the phone and that it isn’t automated.”

Customer since 2010

“Andy Tomlinson and all his workers have been the best every time I call and add or make changes to any of my policies that I have with Tomlinson. It is one of the best businesses I have worked with! :)”

Carol S., customer since 2003

“All of my dealings with Tomlinson Insurance have been wonderful. I always receive personal care and all of my questions are answered fully. Very kind and knowledgable staff, Vicki always goes above and beyond for us.”

Customer since 2011

“I thought affordable life insurance was not within my budget. As a single mother, I wanted to be able to provide for my son should the worse happen. Andy was able to find a very affordable policy that was within my means and gives me peace of mind. The staff at Tomlinson Insurance is always friendly and willing to help me with car insurance shopping when my son began driving and during vehicle purchases.”

Melody H., customer since 2005

“We recently had a claim on our automobile policy and the process was so easy. This was a new experience for me and the insurance company handled everything. All I had to do was get the quotes and take my car in for repairs!”

Customer since 1998

“Andy Tomlinson and his staff as well as Andy’s father before him, Mr. John Tomlinson, have always been very helpful to us. We have been clients of the agency for many years. Lawrence and Rebecca Zonner”

Rebecca Z., customer since 2003

“Knowledgeable, friendly staff who go out of their way to take care of you.”

James L., customer since 2000

“Your staff is always very polite and you deal with my problems or questions in a timely manner!! I have recommended you to a lot of my friends. I enjoy doing business with you!! And will continue in the future. Thanks for your services!! Laura Wilson”

Laura W., customer since 2007

“Any time I have a question or concern the staff addresses it promptly. They are friendly and easy to work with!”

Customer since 2009

“I love how I was able to set this all up over the phone and email. Thank you! Also, you did a great job of explaining all of the particulars to me as well as finding a good value policy for my needs.”

Deirdre B., customer since 2015

“I am a new customer so at the present time my satisfaction is based on customer service and price. My agent worked with me for homeowners and car insurance and gave me a fantastic package for a very reasonable price. Thank you for your services.”

Stephanie P., customer since 2015

“I love that you guys are a Dave Ramsay ELP. Vicky is awesome, anytime I call she can always get me an answer quickly.”

Jacob B., customer since 2014

“Great customer care!”

Cathryn J., customer since 2015

“The customer service is outstanding. When our youngest daughter totaled her car the staff asked about her well-being first. It’s nice to feel cared for as a human and not just a business customer. The staff have always been helpful and courteous every time we call. Our claim was handled quickly and efficiently.”

Earl D., customer since 2015

“Helpful agency. Will shop for the lowest rate.”

Carol L., customer since 2014

“vicki is very proactive and wonderful to work with. :)”

Customer since 2013

“The customer service is so friendly when I call to make changes, add or remove vehicles, etc. They make me feel like they have saved me the effort of shopping insurance and truly help me find the right plan for my needs. I’ve now used Tomlinson for my insurance needs since 1999. They’re the only company I’ve ever used. I’ve always felt so well cared for that I’ve never felt the need to look for another company.”

Customer since 1999

“I absolutely love being treated as a person and not just a client. I’ve never been with a company that is so attentive.”

Peggy S., customer since 2014

“I enjoy the personal service that I receive.”

Customer since 2006

“You must be good or you would not be the agent for the county.”

Customer since 2009

“Easy access Personal local contact Trusting agent relationship”

David S., customer since 2009

“I want to thank Vicky for all her great service she provided to me. I changed my mind several times, regarding the coverage that I need for my vehicles, and she fixed several times without any problems; I appreciate all her recommendations.”

Ricardo D., customer since 2004

“Always very responsive with a sense of urgency.”

Marianna F., customer since 2007

“Excellent customer service.”

Matthew B., customer since 2014

“Kind… Professional Service”

Edward J., customer since 2014

“Ability to take care of all insurance needs. Friendly, efficient staff!”

Customer since 2013

“Actual Personal Service!”

Casey B., customer since 2009
“Rates are reasonable. Service personable. Prompt responses.”

Deborah B., customer since 2006

“Tomlinson’s is a local company with friendly staff that always go above and beyond for the customer. I have always received excellent customer service and would recommend them to anyone looking for insurance needs.”

Jodi H., customer since 2008

“I was able to get good service and a good price.”

Customer since 2015

“The staff is always easy to get a hold of and easy to work with. I have handled car accidents, price quotes, health insurance, and residential damage via email. The response is always knowledge, prompt, and friendly. I have recommended friends and family to Tomlinson Insurance. Tomlinson Insurance handles all my insurance needs. I have shopped around occasionally and no one has ever beaten their rates.”

Customer since 2013
“I love the customer service. Vicki always responds to my questions quickly.”

Christina T., customer since 2010

“prompt and friendly service”

Jeremy S., customer since 2009

“Your agency made me aware of cheaper insurance with the same coverage, saving me a considerable amount on my premium. Thank you and your team very much.”

David C., customer since 1981

“They are always helpful and very friendly. I would recommend this agency to anyone.”


“so much personal attention, and explanation of coverage, we felt confident in doing business with this agency.”


“Vicki always takes care of us. No matter the situation she has us covered. Change to our policy…a claim…or just to stop by and chat. She is the reason we stay with Tomlinson.”

Matt and Jan

“Worked with Vicki Hammond on switching insurance .”


“Great Customer Service!
Local agency with excellent service & great staff!”


“I called right after my accident, and felt relieved immediately. Within 15 minutes of speaking to my agent I had received a phone call from an adjuster. Within 20 minutes of that phone call, I had received a call to set up a time to get an estimate, and confirmation of a rental vehicle”


“When I had a claim the agent, claims department and adjuster were all so concerned and helpful.”


“Thank you Mr. Tomlinson for this months newsletter. Your article about the candles was so needed. I had a friend in South Carolina whose house burned to the ground due to using real candles. She thought she had blew them all out before she left for work, except she was in a hurry as most of us are and forgot one room, the bathroom. Needless to say about noon she was called that her house was on fire. By the time she got home, it was totally gone. She lost everything. No one had ever told her not to use real candles. While your story brought back sad memories of my friend, I was always thankful that she and her family were safe. After all, a house and “stuff” can be replace but lives can’t. I wish there was someway your article could be either place in the paper or on a news feed online where everyone could read it. It is very important.

Just another reason I feel safe with having all my insurance needs with your company. Thank you for the article and be safe in the snow, and may you and your family and work family all have a very Happy Thanksgiving.”

Cheryl Mahon

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