Episode 1 | Luke Feeney, Mayor of Chillicothe

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Luke Feeney, Mayor of the City Of Chillicothe. Andy and Luke talk about the things that are opening up this summer compared to last summer.

Episode Highlights:

Luke mentions the book he’s currently reading. (3:55)

Luke shares what’s been going on in the city of Chillicothe. (5:33)

When will their city pool start to open? (7:41)

Luke mentions why their city pool is significant for the whole community. (8:37)

Luke shares the level of investment in their city. (12:14)

Luke shares how the city has changed. (14:06)

Luke explains how the parking app works. (18:15)

Luke shares his upcoming plans for the city of Chillicothe. (20:14)


Key Quotes:

“I’m really hopeful for this year, and I think it will be the case that it really feels like a celebration. Like you said at the beginning, it does feel like we’re maybe easing out of COVID or at least vaccinations are becoming more prominent. So, it’ll be a big party.” – Luke Feeney

“I think that you can’t talk about the good stuff without talking about the progress downtown. he more we incorporate… whether it’s fireworks, or city activities with drawing people downtown…Downtown, in a sense is like a city pool in that it is a shared space for the whole community.” – Luke Feeney

“Having an app like this not only makes it easy to pay, but makes it makes the parking easier to find. And, we just need to continually think about… not just what’s convenient for us as people who live or work downtown… but, how do I make it easy for people to come here, have dinner, and spend the night, and do some shopping?” – Luke Feeney


Resources Mentioned:

Luke Feeney LinkedIn

City Of Chillicothe

Reach out to Andy Tomlinson


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