Episode 11 | A conversation with Terressa Reep about Liberty Camp and Light Up the Park

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Terressa Reep, Director of Liberty Camp and Light Up the Park. Terressa discusses everything you need to know about the upcoming Liberty Camp and some of her favorite things about Light Up the Park.

Episode Highlights:

  • Terressa mentions when and how the Liberty Camp started. (2:06)
  • Terressa shares how they changed the Liberty Camp’s program to be strictly about American history. (3:34)
  • Terressa mentions the special program they have for ages 13 years old and above. (5:42)
  • Terressa details some of the exciting things Liberty Camp offers. (9:19)
  • How many kids are attending this year? (11:06)
  • Terressa mentions how the community of Chillicothe can serve as volunteers. (14:38)
  • Terressa explains the three academic stations they have at Liberty Camp. (16:16)
  • Terressa shares this year’s tour that they’re sponsoring in Light Up the Park. (21:54)
  • Terressa mentions what they do to make Chillicothe a go-to destination. (28:56)

Key Quotes:

  • “We don’t go on Wikipedia, or go on cutesy little websites. The Ross County Historical Society has been very good to help with that. We make sure that our facts are correct before we present anything to kids. We do it all hands on. It is so much fun.” – Terressa Reep
  • “We really tried to do things in a way, so that they can see every citizen is an important citizen.” – Terressa Reep
  • “Anything that we can do in this town to enhance it and make it a greater place to draw tourists, and to get local people to come out is going to enhance our downtown.” – Terressa Reep

Resources Mentioned:

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