Episode 12 | A Conversation with Brad Cosenza, the Ross County Fair President

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Brad Cosenza, the Ross County Fair President. Brad discusses all happenings that are occurring at the Ross County Fair this year.

Episode Highlights:

  • How long has the Ross County Fair been going on? (1:40)
  • Brad mentions if people are required to wear masks. (2:13)
  • How many people does Brad expect to attend this year? (2:44)
  • Brad mentions how many camp spots they have available. (3:33)
  • Brad shares a bit of his COVID-19 experience. (5:45)
  • How much does the ticket fare cost? (7:12)
  • Brad shares what the fair is all about for him. (7:49)
  • Brad shares what makes their fair different from the others. (12:46)
  • Brad tells the listeners about some sponsors of Ross County Fair. (16:27)
  • Brad gives a piece of advice to those who will attend the fair. (23:12)

Key Quotes:

  • “We have a really big demolition derby that takes place that a vendor puts on during Memorial weekend, and every one of them has been the biggest they’ve had. So, we don’t know if everybody’s just tired of being homebound and wants to get out and enjoy themselves. So, we predict that this will be as big a fair as we’ve ever had.” – Brad Cosenza
  • “My oldest daughter, Caitlin, she was a big forager…wanted to be. And, spent a lot of time at the Corcoran Farm and she ended up showing their dairy cattle. I thought, well, if I’m going to be at the fair all the time with her, how can I help out here? So, that’s how I got on.” – Brad Cosenza
  • “If you’re coming for the food and the rides…that’s a great piece of it. If you’re coming for the food and rides, and you’ve never been in an animal barn and seen animals up close, the barns themselves are a great show.” – Brad Cosenza

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