Episode 14 | A Conversation With Ed Kunzelman, Founder of Petland Inc and Owner of Multiple Downtown Properties

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Edward Kunzelman, Founder and Chairman of Petland Inc. Ed discusses how he started Petland at a young age, how he’s invested in Chillicothe’s downtown and the current projects he has with these properties.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ed shares how he got into the pet business. (1:31)
  • Ed shares his previous work experience being a teacher. (5:06)
  • How did Ed shift his career from being a teacher to a business owner? (8:56)
  • Ed mentions how many Petland Inc. stores he has. (11:33)
  • Ed shares when his interest in buildings and making Chillicothe better, started. (12:27)
  • Ed mentions why he’s a huge advocate of the Street Scape project. (18:05)
  • Ed explains the whole idea behind the Street Scape project. (20:09)
  • What was the tipping point in the progress of downtown Chillicothe?  (28:50)
  • Ed gives a short background of the concert hall. (32:54)
  • Ed shares a piece of advice for those who are interested in investing downtown. (44:52)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you get one that hasn’t been redone, hasn’t been reworked…it’s dangerous. There are buildings that we’ve redone some. You know, I’m involved in some partnerships as well. Not things I do all by myself, but with some wonderful partners.” – Edward Kunzelman
  • “I encourage people to buy buildings if they can…knowing, understanding what they’re buying. It’s not the price you pay for it, it’s what you end up finding out you have to do to make it right.” – Edward Kunzelman
  • “Things are changing in business all the time. So, it’s an exciting and interesting place where we’re all frustrated. Because we can’t attend our overseas activities, we’re so anxious to get back to that. And that’s a place where I participate and can be helpful.” – Edward Kunzelman

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