Episode 15 | A Conversation With Chillicothe Fire Chief Aaron Knotts

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Aaron Knotts, Fire Chief at the City of Chillicothe Fire Department. Andy and Aaron discuss how he became chief in the middle of the pandemic and everything that goes on at the fire department.

Episode Highlights:

  • Aaron shares his career and experiences working in the Air Force. (1:02)
  • Aaron shares how his career has been as a fire chief. (3:43)
  • What’s the biggest fire emergency Aaron has experienced in Chillicothe? (5:18)
  • How has the pandemic affected the fire department? (7:52)
  • Aaron mentions the department’s partnership with Ross County Health District. (10:18)
  • Aaron shares a story about his career way back in 2004. (13:13)
  • How many firefighters and medics are manned at their stations? (14:43)
  • Aaron explains why he prefers working at station four, on the university side. (19:15)
  • Aaron mentions some of the events they have at the fire department. (20:44)

Key Quotes:

  • “We don’t get really notified when a lot of things are being built. So, I think that part of my job is to know what’s going on in the city. So, I just get out and I drive east, north, west, and especially west. There’s all kinds of construction going on in the west, but this is what I do. Just drive around and see what’s going on in the city.” – Aaron Knotts
  • “To build…everything comes from taxpayers, you know? You’ve got to keep them happy. And, that’s what we do, we’re here for them. Anything you can do for PR is good PR.” – Aaron Knotts
  • “With overdoses, people that don’t want to be transported, we leave behind Narcan, we try to save a life. At the bottom line, that’s what we do is we try to save lives. So, I’m working with that partnership, and looking forward to working with them and seeing where that takes us.” – Aaron Knotts

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