Episode 17 | A Conversation with Ty McBee

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host, Andy Tomlinson interviews Ty McBee. Ty discusses the new Multi-Surface Adventure Bike Race GPS100, Chillicothe Trails, and the new mountain biking team in Ross County.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ty explains what GPS 100 means and how it works. (1:03)
  • Ty mentions that they are partnering with Chili Fest and that the two events are taking place at the same time to make it a cool event that people will remember. (3:59)
  • Ty shares how he wanted his role to have more organizational structure and that he wanted to be able to launch and see the opportunities for the community’s children. (7:39)
  • According to Ty, the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) organizational structure is incredible. (8:11)
  • Ty discusses their season’s second race and the interesting story behind it. (10:06)
  • Ty discusses the Chillicothe Trails. (12:44)
  •  What trail does Ty consider the best? (17:51)
  • Ty shares the GPS event’s registration deadlines. (21:04)
  • Ty talks about how they’re going to spice up the event. (22:38)

Key Quotes:

  • “I wanted my role on this to really be more organizational structure, and to be able to get it launched and to see this opportunity for our kids in the community.” – Ty McBee.
  • “So, to see that and see an organization (NICA) that pulled that together like they did, made me feel really comfortable that this is something that I want us to be a part of, I want our kids to have this opportunity.” – Ty McBee.
  • “We came up with a vision, we came up with some key projects, and really what came out of that was the need for a centralized group that coordinated the activities and efforts. So we found that mountain biking definitely was an area of opportunity for us.” – Ty McBee.

Resources Mentioned:

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