Episode 19 | Collaboration with Feels Like Home Podcast hosted by Marty Ford and Mike Throne

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host, Andy Tomlinson, chats with Marty Ford and Mike Throne, hosts of the Feels Like Home podcast. They talk about how and why they each started a podcast and how they are both focusing on the good stuff that everyone is doing and shedding light on different people in town.

Episode Highlights:

  • Andy talks about how he got his podcast started. (1:10)
  • Andy shares his background. (6:49)
  • Mike believes that the apartments were a game-changer for Chillicothe. (14:07)
  • Mike mentions that Andy’s story was uncommon 4-5 years ago. (16:37)
  • Marty explains what factors contribute to downtown’s success in business.  (18:30)
  • Marty shares that through their experiences, they discovered that if you can make the microphone disappear in the guest’s eyes, they become quite comfortable and open up to tell some wonderful stories. (22:01)
  • Marty & Mike discuss their background. (24:11)
  • Marty mentions that he always critiques their own sound, modifying and striving to improve it. (30:04)
  • Marty explains what gets them excited about recording an episode. (35:04)
  • Mike shares the importance of being truthful with podcast listeners. (40:13)
  • What is Marty and Mike’s favorite spot for dinner? (44:28)
  • What books are Marty and Mike now reading? (51:58)

Key Quotes:

  • “As a kid, who wants to get in the insurance business? It sounds very boring. But you’re there to help people and protect people and they call you at the time of need, and it’s a great fit. – Andy Tomlinson
  • The fact that more living spaces downtown are becoming available and people are starting to renovate and create nicer places to live, or even like airbnb is popping up. How important that is to the foot traffic to downtown…The more that that happens, the more that downtown can support and the more success businesses will have.” – Marty Ford
  • “That effort where everybody was like, You know what, we are going to take care of our own story. We’re going to take control of it. And we’re going to say, we will be better 10 years from now than we are today. And that’s exactly what we’ve done, which is great.” – Mike Throne

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