Episode 23 | A chat with Dr. James Fleming Jr., Director of Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson gets to know Dr. James Fleming Jr. and all the good stuff that is happening at the new Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Fleming shares a bit of his background. (1:21)
  • Dr. Fleming explains how he decided to become an orthopedic surgeon. (4:17)
  • Dr. Fleming gives advice to someone wanting to pursue a career similar to his. (7:56)
  • Dr. Fleming shares what he wishes he had known when he started his career. (10:11)
  • Dr. Fleming talks about how his patients impact his life every day. (11:39)
  • Dr. Fleming answers the question of how many hours he typically spends in the hospital. (14:17)
  • Dr. Fleming shares about his hobbies when he is not working. (14:56)
  • Dr. Fleming shares more about the Adena Orthopedic Spine Institute. (15:51)
  • Dr. Fleming discusses the services he offers in his office. (21:32)
  • Dr. Fleming talks about the navigator feature of the hospital. (24:14)
  • Dr. Fleming shares where his favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots are. (26:23)
  • Dr. Flemings shares that he is both an early riser and a night owl. (28:58)

Key Quotes:

  • “We wanted people who fit our culture, who are people oriented people that are glad to be here, glad to be in the area and who have excellent credentials. That’s what I was searching for. And I am so lucky that we found them. And it’s been beyond my expectations.” – Dr. James Fleming, Jr.
  • “Stick to your passions. Don’t be dissuaded.”  – Dr. James Fleming, Jr.
  • “I will not offer surgery unless I really think I have a chance to help you.”  – Dr. James Fleming, Jr.

Resources Mentioned:

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