Episode 24 | A Conversation With Bob Smith

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson has a conversation with Bob Smith to talk about how EM Smith Jewelers started and where it is today.

Episode Highlights:

  • Bob shares his story and the history of EM Smith Jewelers. (1:01)
  • Bob talks about the different business locations they have been located at. (5:23)
  • Bob elaborates on how he sees the current environment in the jewelry industry compared to the past. (9:20)
  • Bob shares some of his biggest appraisal experiences. (12:53)
  • Bob shares who his biggest mentor and supporter over the course of his career has been. (15:30)
  • Bob talks about a time in his life where he experienced mistakes and failures. (18:38)
  • Bob shares about the happiest moment in his life. (20:54)
  • Bob talks about some of his plans to keep himself active. (26:36)
  • Bob shares his favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots. (28:18)
  • Bob tells us what types of books he enjoys reading most. (30:28)

Key Quotes:

  • “Things have changed. I think that’s kind of what pushed me toward retirement as much as anything. It’s not that the changes are bad. It’s just different in that way than it used to be.” – Bob Smith
  • “The biggest and probably the most nervous decision I ever made was when Don, my brother and I decided to buy Fox Farm.” – Bob Smith
  • “There always be a place for and I think they’ll always be a place for brick and mortar businesses, but they’re certainly a lot less. They’re a lot less profitable than they used to be.” – Bob Smith


Resources Mentioned:

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