Episode 25 | A Conversation with Serial Hustler (Entrepreneur) Jeremy Forcum of JSF Landscape & Construction

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, I sat down with my good friend Jeremy Forcum of JSF Landscape & Construction and Head Content Creator of Cairn Creek and a surprise channel that he announced on the podcast for a history lesson. We dive in on how he started and all the projects he has been involved in and is still involved in.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jeremy shares the story of how he and Andy met and how they developed their friendship through NASCAR. (2:11)
  • Jeremy shares his background and how he got started in his career. (5:18)
  • Jeremy explains how he brought the Chillitown MX idea to fruition. (13:45)
  • Jeremy shares the story behind the name Cairn Creek. (21:47)
  • Jeremy shares how he went about developing the property. (29:05)
  • Jeremy talks about his interest in sawmills. (33:33)
  • Jeremy gives the listeners a sneak peek into a new project they are developing. (37:20)
  • Jeremy explains that he never had the intention to be a content creator and tells the story of how he became one. (40:07)
  • Jeremy shares his favorite breakfast and diner spots. (48:25)
  • Jeremy answers the question of what book he is currently reading. (49:24)

Key Quotes:

  • “As a mentor, I’ve looked up to a ton of people, and I’ve never got a big head. I just share what I can to other folks whether they be younger or older. And I still feed off knowledge from other people. I really do, I do every day.” – Jeremy Forcum
  • “I always said like with any adventure, once it’s not fun, it’s time to move on.” – Jeremy Forcum
  • “I was just at a point where I had the knowledge to improve a piece of property, I had a little bit of money to help, and then the equipment too was huge to some of the things we’ve been able to do.” – Jeremy Forcum

Resources Mentioned:

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