Episode 27 | A Conversation with AJ Good

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews AJ Good. They talk about how the “I Hate AJ Good Stickers” started, his YouTube channel, The House of Masks, and his headquarters in downtown Chillicothe.

Episode Highlights:

  • AJ starts the conversation by telling the story behind the “I Hate AJ Good Stickers”. (2:52)
  • AJ shares with Andy a short story of how he got into masks. (5:01)
  • AJ tells us how he got started with content creation and his influences when creating his content. (10:47)
  • AJ shares a great moment when people lined up to get into The House of Mask. (15:12)
  • AJ tells a story about a weird situation he experienced because of content creation. (18:39)
  • AJ talks about some of his frustrations with YouTube. (22:25)
  • AJ shares about his mentor growing up. (25:36)
  • AJ talks about regrets as well as the things he is proudest of. (34:47)
  • AJ shares some of his plans for his other YouTube channel in 2022. (37:02)
  • AJ shares his favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots. (38:23)
  • AJ tells us that he does not read books, but instead likes journaling. (39:58)
  • AJ shares that he can either be a night owl or an early bird. (40:27)

Key Quotes:

  • “There’s a select few Chillicothe proud people. And, you probably know the exact same people I’m talking about. And I’ve always been one.” – AJ Good
  • “I always do things that I have regrets about but then I’m like, ‘Well, if that hadn’t happened, it might have had a butterfly effect on it and yeah, nothing would be the same.’” – AJ Good
  • “So with Instagram. there’s an algorithm, you can figure it out. With YouTube, there’s an algorithm, you can figure it out. And then it’s just you work hard. You stick to that sort of schedule. With Tick Tock, it’s like, you get lucky.” – AJ Good

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