Episode 28 | A Chat with Jamie Sharp Owner of Rivers Bend Bike Shop

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Jamie Sharp, owner of Rivers Bend Bike Shop. They talk about how Jamie got involved with bicycles at an early age and turned his hobby into a job. They also talk about how the Community bike ride was started, mountain biking in Great Seal park, his other passion for motorcycles, and a possible Pump Track.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jamie shares how he first got into bikes. (1:11)
  • Jamie and Andy discuss the expansion of biking in the area. (7:25)
  • Jamie tells us how his idea of the Community ride initially started. (8:07)
  • Jamie shares about his longest ride, and how long it took to finish it. (12:35) 
  • Jamie discusses the work they are doing to create more trails. (15:05)
  • Jamie explains that knowing trails and how they are meant to be ridden can make them more enjoyable. (20:05) 
  • Jamie shares what a Pump Track is and how it’s great for exercise. (22:17) 
  • Jamie shares the kinds of bikes that can be used on a Pump Track. (24:35)
  • Jamie shares that aside from biking he also has a special interest in motorbikes. (27:05)
  • Jamie shares the most unique motorcycle that he ever bought and how much it cost. (28:12)
  • Jamie tells us his favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots. (33:28)
  • Jamie says that he is an early bird. (34:27)

Key Quotes:

  • “I mean, a lot of times people probably think, you don’t have to sell bikes or do this or do that. I’ve been mountain biking since 1989. I just like bikes. I like mountain biking.” – Jamie Sharp
  • “If you know which way to go on a trail, it can help a lot…it just makes it more enjoyable to ride the trail in their direction. It’s going to be more enjoyable or if not, it can be really painful.” – Jamie Sharp
  • I ride every day. If anybody wants to ride, I’ll ride with you whatever day you want to.” – Jamie Sharp

Resources Mentioned:

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