Episode 30 | A Chat with Laura Corcoran, Principal of Bishop Flaget School

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, we talk about how Laura Corcoran, Principal at Bishop Flaget School got into education, all of the activities that are going on at Flaget, and what they offer for students

Episode Highlights:

  • Laura shares her background story and how she got into education. (1:11)
  • Laura discusses some of the tests that she thinks students are most worried about. (6:23)
  • Laura shares how many Priests and Nuns she has the pleasure of working with. (9:49)
  • Laura discusses how aspiring students can start at Bishop Flaget School. (11:26)
  • Laura shares some of the exciting things that will be coming back to Bishop Flaget. (13:06)
  • Laura explains why Bishop Flaget is different from other schools and why they stand out. (17:54)
  • Laura shares that COVID has been very hard not only for the school but also for the students. (20:40)
  • Laura talks about the staffing needs at Bishop Flaget. (22:01)
  • Laura discusses that Bishop Flaget was the first school in the Diocese of Columbus to get a STEM designation. (25:06)
  • Laura shares that they are currently in the application time for state scholarships. (28:06)
  • Laura shares her favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots. (30:36)
  • Laura tells us the last book that she read and also shares that she is a night owl (31:35)

Key Quotes:

  • “I think the one thing that separates what we have to offer from other schools is that our faith is a huge part of what we do.” – Laura Corcoran
  • “What STEM learning is really all about is a cross curricular, where you’re working on something, and you may be incorporating work from language arts, and science class and social studies. And it’s more project based, real world focused, and student centered.” – Laura Corcoran
  • “It’s trying to create a culture where kids are developing the skills they need to make a difference, to make changes.” – Laura Corcoran

Resources Mentioned:

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