Episode 5 | A Chat with Beau Bowman, Director of Adena Hospital Foundation

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host, Andy Tomlinson interviews H. E. Beau Bowman, III, Executive Director at Adena Health Foundation. Beau discusses what their foundation is all about and the importance of a hospice house.

Episode Highlights:

  • What’s Beau’s favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot? (2:01)
  • Beau mentions the type of books he likes to read. (8:41)
  • Is Beau an early riser, night owl, or both? (10:39)
  • Beau discusses when he moved to Chillicothe. (11:50)
  • Beau shares one of the things he noticed when he moved to Chillicothe. (14:37)
  • Beau shares how the pandemic has affected his career. (16:20)
  • Beau shares what he’s currently working on in the foundation. (19:14)
  • Beau explains why he would love to see a hospice house become a reality. (20:22)
  • Beau mentions their golf outing. (29:34)

Key Quotes:

  • “I still was able to get to know people in this community when the world was completely shut down. I feel very fortunate for that. Because those relationships, I think, are very special relationships while everyone else was gone.” – H. E. Beau Bowman, III
  • “We didn’t have a problem with working hard, we just needed to work a little bit smarter. And so, when everything kind of shut down, it gave me a really great opportunity to really kind of get knee-deep into analytics. So, I love analytics, I believe in analytics that drive good decisions and good behavior.” – H. E. Beau Bowman, III
  • “One of the secret gems for me, when I think of hospice, is the respite care piece that a lot of people don’t really understand. It’s not just about giving the patient the care that they need in end-of-life. The respite care piece is giving the family member, the caregiver, a break.” – H. E. Beau Bowman, III

Resources Mentioned:

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