Episode 6 | A Conversation with Ben Daughters, Owner of The Pour House at Machinery Hall

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Ben Daughters, owner of The Pour House at Machinery Hall. Andy and Ben talk about the trials and tribulations of operating a restaurant and the Good Stuff that Ben is doing downtown.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ben shares how he got into the restaurant business. (2:23)
  • Ben mentions the must-haves of being in the restaurant industry. (5:49)
  • Ben shares more of his background. (6:53)
  • What year did The Pour House at Machinery Hall open? (8:16)
  • Ben explains his new project at The Pour House. (10:29)
  • What’s Ben’s go-to order at his restaurant? (13:39)
  • How does Ben keep his restaurant’s menu fresh? (15:12)
  • What does Ben wish he had known when he first started out? (17:29)
  • Ben walks us through some exciting upcoming events. (21:19)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you’re going to be in the restaurant business, obviously, you have to have a passion for what being in the business represents. And, that means… really appreciate nourishing people and understanding that you’re providing an experience for people.” – Ben Daughters
  • “It’s a continual process of reevaluating and reassessing what you have on the menu, and making sure that you’re always putting out the best product that you think your customers are going to respond to.” – Ben Daughters
  • “Anytime that we can make that connection, I think it’s good for our business… But, I think it’s even better for our community.” – Ben Daughters

Resources Mentioned:

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