Episode 7 | A Chat With Bill Hirsch, Owner and Operator of Atwood House Bed and Breakfast

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host, Andy Tomlinson interviews Bill Hirsch, owner and operator of Atwood House Bed and Breakfast. Bill shares his stories of being a butler for President Richard Nixon at Camp David and how it prepared him to own and operate the Atwood House.

Episode Highlights:

  • Bill shares an interesting story about purchasing the Atwood House. (1:15)
  • How long did it take Bill to renovate the house? (6:34)
  • Bill shares how the pandemic has affected him and his business. (8:51)
  • What’s a normal menu for Bill? (11:01)
  • Does Bill still host parties? (11:53)
  • Bill mentions what he did before moving to Chillicothe. (14:58)
  • Bill shares his experience, being a butler for President Nixon. (16:05)
  • Bill walks us through his professional background. (26:43)

Key Quotes:

  • “I do have windows. I had three of them. Now there’s just one left because I had to replace some of the glass. But, someone with a diamond ring had written Jacob Atwood in the window. So evidently, that’s how he got the idea of that. Why the name is, exactly.” – Bill Hirsch
  • “The trouble with the house is that the people who owned it were very wealthy. So, whenever anything came into fashion or was invented, they installed it immediately, which was good for them. But, by 2002 when I bought it, it had gas from 1867. It had electricity from 1898 about or a little bit later.” – Bill Hirsch
  • “Then, after the vaccination, I felt a lot of hope. I felt better. So, I opened up all the way and I’ve been busier since I opened up than I have in the 18-20 years that I’ve been there.” – Bill Hirsch

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