Episode 9 | A Conversation With Brandon Smith, Producer of Tecumseh Outdoor Drama

In this episode of The Good Stuff podcast, host Andy Tomlinson interviews Brandon Smith, CEO of Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama. Brandon talks about how Tecumseh Outdoor Drama has overcome obstacles of trying to produce a show during COVID, and discusses special events that are happening out on Sugarloaf Mountain.

Episode Highlights:

  • Brandon shares his career background. (1:34)
  • How has Brandon addressed technological changes? (4:29)
  • Brandon mentions the escape rooms they’ve created. (7:18)
  • Brandon shares how they prepared when the pandemic hit. (10:43)
  • How many actors does Brandon have? (16:55)
  • Brandon mentions the one of a kind gifts that COVID has given them. (18:11)
  • How has the VIP tour changed this year? (21:26)
  • Have any staff members become permanent members? (27:00)
  • Brandon shares how he got into the music industry. (30:57)

Key Quotes:

  • “I always tell people, if you really, really want to work in theater, there’s always going to be a job doing something. And, if you love it and love being a part of that, then whether you’re an actor, or a ticket taker, or a maintenance man, it’s pretty rewarding work.” – Brandon Smith
  • “As technology changes or as the public’s taste for things changes, you change along with it. But, the script itself is pretty much the exact same script that was produced in 1973.” – Brandon Smith
  • “I expect that not only our numbers, which look very strong, but, I think the general travel and tourism numbers for the whole county are going to be pretty spectacular this year, which is awesome.” – Brandon Smith

Resources Mentioned:

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